Michael Gao

Class of 2022 at Columbia University


My name is Michael Gao. I run a team of Ivy League tutors who help students with their academics, test prep, and college application process.

I scored a 36 on my ACT and a 1550 on my SAT. I was also a National Merit Finalist. In my senior year, I was accepted into Columbia University (where I go now), the Wharton School of Business, and Brown. I also received full rides from the University of Virginia and the University of Texas at Austin.

When I got into Columbia, I realized just how hard high school was: SAT tests, ACT tests, college essays, and AP classes. Then, I realized that it didn’t need to be that hard.

We did it. We get it. Let my team and I guide your student into their dream school.

Hyunil Kim

Class of 2023 at the University of Pennsylvania

SAT and ACT Specialist

My name is Hyunil and I’m a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania where I’m majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. I work as a Teaching Assistant for one of the toughest freshman year classes and have tutored the SAT and ACT since graduating high school.

My teaching philosophy is all about engagement – I believe the best way to learn is to always be actively engaged in the material. That’s why I bring a high level of enthusiasm to every lesson and interact with students instead of just lecturing.

Outside of classes and tutoring, I love the outdoors, playing piano, ultimate frisbee and golf.

Eugene Yoon

Class of 2024 at Cornell University

College Admissions Specialist

My name is Eugene Yoon and I’m a sophomore at Cornell University studying Biology and Society on the Pre-Med track. I attended high school in New York City where I was involved in founding a community-based newspaper organization, the Red Cross Club, and the More Medics Club. My experience in the college admissions process spans from my time as an intern at Futures Academy where I collaborated with professional editors to evaluate and edit various college entry essays, to personally going through the process. I scored 1580 on my SAT and have worked as a tutor since completing the exam. On days where I choose to relax, I enjoy playing the guitar and basketball.


George Tziampazis

Class of 2025 at Princeton University

SAT and ACT Specialist, College Admissions Specialist

My name is George Tziampazis, and I am a freshman studying Operations Research and Financial Engineering at Princeton University. I am super interested in math, physics, and computer science. I scored a perfect score on my SAT math and a 770 on reading. I’m from Connecticut and in school I took AP Chemistry, Physics, US History, and Calculus BC. Outside of class I was the head programmer for my local FIRST Robotics team, where I worked on creating advanced autonomous systems. I also have played the violin for nine years. Some of my other interests are basketball, photography, and food. I am very excited to be working with students and helping them improve their scores!


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