Sometimes schoolwork is hard.

Get help from current students at top, Ivy League schools.

Get 24/7 access to a tutor chatbot and a learning community.

Dewey Smart tutors are empathetic, relatable, and knowledgeable.

Dewey Smart students are 95% likely to feel more confident in school.

Hear from real students:

Dewey Smart is a academic tutoring platform that connects high school students with near-peer mentors. We offer:

✅ A student-first approach

A handpicked tutor who stays with the student throughout the school year

We have a team of 36+ tutors at almost every top school, so we can also connect you with different tutors as needed. All tutors had to get a 5 in the respective AP and studies a related topic in college.

✅ 24/7 Tutor Chatbot

Anytime access to a tutor chatbot that will remind students to do homework, send personalized study strategies, and offer 24/7 homework help

✅  A community of like-minded students

School can be stressful, and having other peers who understand your struggles can be deeply comforting.

All of our students are invited to our Discord group where they can connect with other students and get questions answered from Dewey Smart tutors.