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Our philosophy is simple. Students learn best when guided by a tutor who is both knowledgable and empathetic. Our tutors are all college students from top, Ivy Plus schools, so we understand what our students are going through. In our engaging 1-1 sessions, we teach by doing, guiding our students through real-world problems. No boring lectures here. Promise.

Relatable Tutors

Our tutoring team is made up of engaging, young tutors who are all from top schools like Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania, just to name a few. Our students already have teachers, counselors, and parents; as tutors, we provide a different, more relatable perspective.

Personalized Curriculum

At Dewey Smart, no student’s path looks the same. We help everyone, regardless of where they start or where they want to end up. Our team will create a personalized curriculum, so we can target your student’s weaknesses without wasting time on their strengths.

Real Results

We have proven results. This year alone, our students have gotten into Cornell, Columbia, and Northwestern. On average, students see 150 point increases on the SAT and 5 point increases on the ACT. As tutors, we’ve aced the whole admissions process, and we make sure our students do the same.

This year alone, Dewey Smart has helped students get into Duke, Cornell, Northwestern, and NYU. See where else our students have been admitted.

Student Successes

Our story

since 2018

After graduating high school, our founder Michael Gao started tutoring younger friends. He realized that high school was needlessly stressful; with a little 1-1 mentorship, school and the admissions process could actually be fun.

Now, he leads a growing team of Ivy League tutors. Michael graduated with a 4.0 GPA, scored a 36 on his ACT, 1560 on his SAT, and was admitted into schools like Columbia, Wharton, and Brown. His other tutors all go to top schools and scored in the 99th percentile on their admissions tests.

Our passion is passing down the tips, tricks, and lessons we learned when we successfully navigated high school and the admissions process.

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Our students consistently raise their GPAs and test scores and, ultimately, get into their dream schools.


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Why You Should Self-Study for an AP Test

Why You Should Self-Study for an AP Test

Are there any AP classes that your school doesn’t offer that you wish you could take? Have you taken a non-AP course in a subject that there is an AP exam for? Do you like to inflict (academic) suffering onto yourself? If so, self-studying for an AP test might be for...

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Fit Factors

Fit Factors

Whether you’re just starting the college process or you’ve been in it for a while, you have probably heard the question: What kind of school do you want to go to? I’ll be honest, when I first heard this question I had no idea how to answer. Sure, I’d heard terms like...

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Our Mission

The college admissions process has become increasingly complex and competitive. With help from our peer tutors and admissions counselors, students will be better prepared to navigate the application process and build a coherent narrative to impress colleges, ultimately allowing students to get access to world-class educations.


Our Vision

Here at Dewey Smart, we believe that students don’t just need information to succeed; they need empathetic mentorship. As peer mentors, we pride ourselves on building real relationships with our students, so they feel comfortable asking us for help when advice from teachers, counselors, and even parents may not be working.

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Academic Tutoring

If lessons from teachers just aren’t clicking or are far too slow, get help from our team of peer tutors. Our team of tutors all scored 5’s on AP tests, were top students in high school, and have experience in high level college classes. Outside of just increasing grades, students will also learn invaluable study skills.

Test Prep Tutoring

Scoring higher on standardized testing can make up for lower classroom grades and even demonstrate exceptional academic ability. Our test prep is totally personalized. After taking an initial diagnostic, we’ll create a custom curriculum just for your student, provide all the materials, and shepherd your student through the process.

Admissions Counceling

As a team of college students from top schools, we have first hand experience with highly selective admissions. We’ll help with college selection, essay writing, application support, and interview prep. College admissions is confusing. Our team is here to guide students through the process, with as little anxiety as possible.

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Online Tutoring

No matter where you are in the world, you can still learn! Tutors are comfortable with a wide variety of software, from Zoom to Google Meet, and are well versed in teaching online, making sure that you succeed, all from the comfort of your home.

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