Navigating high school to college can be confusing and stressful.

Get mentorship from current students at top, Ivy League schools.

Dewey Smart mentors are empathetic, relatable, and knowledgeable.

Dewey Smart students are 2x more likely to get into their top 3 schools.


Academic tutoring

Get a 4.0 GPA with help from the expert mentors at Dewey Smart. Our tutoring is science-backed and data-driven, leveraging a proprietary cognitive assessment, so we can better personalize our academic support.


Passion Planning

Intern with Dewey Smart’s partners at YC-backed startups and non-profits affiliated with top universities. 

Access hundreds of extracurricular opportunities in Dewey Smart’s hand-created database. 


College Apps

Don’t miss any deadlines or requirements with the help of an experienced Dewey Smart counselors who’ve just been through the process. With the goal of college admissions in view, Dewey Smart will make sure you are always on track.

Dewey Smart is a college counseling platform that connects high school students with mentors at top, Ivy League schools. We offer:

✅  Science-backed academic tutoring

Don’t just finish the homework. Understand how you learn, practice science-backed study strategies, learn the content, ace every test. Decades of learning science has given us proven teaching and learning strategies, tailored to your student. Dewey Smart offers a proprietary cognitive assessment.

✅ A personalized, team-based approach

A handpicked counselor who stays with the student throughout the process

We have a team of 36+ counselors at almost every top school, so we can also connect you with different counselors as needed.

✅ World-class resources

Proven passion brainstorming activities, extracurricular databases, and internship opportunities

We’ve written a 160 page textbook on brainstorming, editing, and writing college essays that all of our students get for FREE.



Top 5 Admissions Tips

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